Bernadette Colomine French Language Services and Voices
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French Language Consulting

Bernadette's classical education (Latin, Ancient Greek, Literature, Linguistics, theater) gives her an in-depth approach to capturing context and meaning, which is supported by her frequent trips back to Paris to keep her spoken French current with conventional usage in France. Her command of slang and street talk is as good as her highly educated elite speaking and writing.

Whether it’s Pykta's interest in the Dada movement of the 1920's or Isabelle Huppert's call for help with the script of "I Heart Huckabees" (Isabelle later said: "Thanks to you, I had a better understanding of the script than the American actors!"), Bernadette's broad knowledge enables her to give insights in just about any subject matter related to France.

Whenever you're working with French material, Bernadette can help define the context of your French material and determine the options for successfully bridging the idiomatic divide in order to convey the truest meaning to your intended audience.

Her list of clients include:

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